Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Need you for Keeps; Marina Adair

Hello Fellow Readers,

Do you ever just need a filler book, a book you can read inbetween those other serious books that is just light hearted and fun. A book that doesn't cause you to think too hard and you can just enjoy yourself? Well this was that book for me. I'm in the process of reading 3 books right now, one is a bit complex, the other two are kinda hard to read so I needed to unwind. Need you for keeps helped me unwind. This is the first book out of three in the Heroes of St. Helena series.

Book Synopsis

When it comes to caring for the furry residents of St. Helena, California, groomer and pet rescuer Shay Michaels can handle anything. Humans are another story, though especially Deputy Jonah Baudouin. He's the town's resident superhero: upright, uptight, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, even when he's investigating complaints about Shay's beloved foster animals. And that spells danger for Shay, a free spirit who can't risk trusting the wrong person again.

Jonah and Shay have been circling each other ever since she came to town, and he's running out of reasons to "not" kiss her senseless. But this deputy is a straight shooter with his eye on the sheriff's badge. He can't afford to get involved with Shay, a chaos magnet with luscious curves who's liable to turn his career and his life upside down. He enforces laws. She breaks them repeatedly. Keeping her out of trouble is becoming a full-time job and it's one he hopes is never going to end.

The book alternates between Shay and Jonah's POV which I really liked, it's not always that you can see book sides of a developing romance. I really liked both characters, Shay is a hardcore animal lover who would do anything to save a animal, Jonah is a Deputy who is trying to run for Sheriff who also seems to constantly get caught up in Shay's trouble. He even nicknamed her trouble which is really fitting. You can definitely feel the sexual tension leaping off the pages when Jonah and Shay come together and I rooted for them to get together.

The one thing I did not expect was the roller coaster of emotions I felt. I was sad when Shay describes how it feels to find one of her Fosters a home, you also feel happy because hello a furball just got a forever home. Anger was also a common emotion because dammit there were such bullies in this book and it was so frustrating that they didn't get what they deserve (well one of them kinda did). Shay was way too nice in this aspect, and while I know she did it to be the bigger person I feel like it didn't get her anywhere. This book also had a heaping of smut (which I actually don't read too much of in my books surprisingly) and it wasn't awkward or anything.

I do recommend this book as it's a quick read ( I read it in a couple of hours) and it just sort of lets your mind be at ease. If you are reading or just read a complex lengthy book and need a lighthearted book then this is your pal.

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