Thursday, December 15, 2016

November Bookishly unbagging

Hello Fellow Readers!
This is my last month getting Bookishly, While it's a great service, always arriving on time and the coffee is great, it's just not for me.
What is Bookishly?
Bookishly is A surprise vintage paperback and delicious ground coffee through the post each month. You’ll receive a different 75g bag (4-5 cups) of freshly roasted medium ground coffee each month, along with a vintage book from our library. There's no stationery in this version of the subscription 

November's Bookishly was a lot better than last month's. While October's coffee was a bit more to my liking this month's was still great. The coffee was a Honduras Liquid Amber with hints of Orange and Peach flavor
I loved the bookmark but I am bit biased when it comes to bookmarks there really isn't a bad one.

This month's book was the best overall improvement.

Book Synopsis (From Amazon)
This novel from the Nobel Prize-winning author of "The Good Earth" and "Dragon Seed" tells the story of an American-Chinese family separated by the communist revolution in China, as they struggle to overcome difficulties and the prejudices a family of mixed blood must face.

This book sounds interesting, especially considering I am a product of a Bi-racial marriage. I've known my parents had hardships die to their relationship and I want to see how Elizabeth and her husband deal with it.
I'm going to try to find another book subsrcription. 
Any Suggestions?

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