Friday, December 30, 2016

The Universe Next Door; Al Macy

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Before we get started *I received this book for free for a fair and honest review* I've been wanting to read more sci-fi lately especially since reading Leviathan Wakes but I didn't just want to rush into the next book in the series. The Universe Next Door seemed perfect

Book Synopsis

Title: The Universe Next Door (Jake Corby #2)
Author: Al Macy
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: July 27th, 2016

'Jake Corby saved the world. Now, he's being asked to save the universe!

Corby is recovering from his last mission, enjoying life with his new family when he’s sucked into a parallel universe with nothing but his clothes, his dog, and his eighty-three-year-old grandmother-in-law.

On this version of Earth, the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct and the world is ruled by a spacefaring civilization of dinobirds. If Jake wants to return home, he’ll need to not only survive but locate the rulers of Earth so they can send him back.

Worse, Corby learns that a universe collision is imminent. Unless he can adapt to his new reality and work with the dinobirds to ward off that danger, his universe, as well as countless others, will cease to exist. '


I know this is the third book in the Jake Corby series and I usually like to read the other books before just diving in, however it said this was a stand-alone and I didn't need to read the other two to understand this one. I kinda wish I did though. from the very beginning I felt like I was missing an important information. I would have loved to like to book. The world is very thought out, Macy is very good at describing the world around Jake, I also really like the alien (other dimensional?) species, but I still just couldn't get into it.

If you are an avid sci-fi fan then look into the first book Contact Us. Macy did mention actions that happened in his other books that I had no idea about, although he did explain what happened I really wished I read the other ones. Also, let me just say that there's a dog in this and well... yea. I don't want to give anything away but the entire time I was wondering how Jake didn't just fall apart.

About the Author

Al Macy writes because he has stories to tell. In school he was the class clown and always the first volunteer for show and tell. His teachers would say “Al has a lot of imagination.” Then they'd roll their eyes. 
But he put his storytelling on the back burner until he retired and wrote a blog about his efforts to improve his piano sight-reading. That's when his love of storytelling burbled up to the surface, along with quirky words like “burble.”
He had even more fun writing his second book, Drive, Ride, Repeat, but was bummed by non-fiction's need to stick to “the truth” (yucko). From then on it was fiction all the way, with a good dose of his science background burbling to the surface.

Check out the Goodreads page, you can purchase the book here and Al Macy webpage Here

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