Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year Book Resolutions

Hello Fellow Readers,

I know right now everyone is planning their New Year's Resolutions and I am as well.
However I decided to make a 2017 Book Resolutions as well.

  1. Read a Jane Austen Book!
    Yup I have never read a Jane Austen book, honestly I never really wanted to, but she popular for a reason so what is the harm in trying.
  2. Trying to do at least 1/3 of the Book to Movie Challenge
    You all know abou my challenge I issued to myself, and while I would love to finish the challenge it's not realistic. 
  3. Start a Book Journal
    I always wanted a book journal, but just never did it. Well Im going to do it now. Problem is do I want it bullet style, List style or just as a regular journal. Any thoughts?
  4. Join or Start a book club
    I've kinda already signed up for a book club that will start in January so I am super excited. 
  5. Join (and Finish) a instagram photo a day Challenge
    I've never done one, and I've seen tons on instagram and well I want to do one. Just gotta figure out which one. 
  6. Buy more book related items.
    There's a whole book world out there that I am just starting to discover. T-shirts, Bookmarks, Candles, Toys, Artwork and so much more. While I can't buy anything until I get at least a part time job, I'll still keep looking.  
  7. Read more books!
    You can never read enough books.
Do you have any Book Resolutions? What are they?

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