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How To Mend A Broken Heart; Anna Mansell

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*This book was given to me by Netgalley for an honest Review*
Title: How to Mend a Broken Heart: An emotional, uplifting page-turner about love, loss, and friendship
Author: Anna Mansell
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
Publication Date: March 1st, 2017


 Kat is just got a promotion at work, although it seems to be more than she can handle when her boyfriend of 5 years leaves her with nothing but text. Rhys is just trying to hold himself together and is just brimming with questions (and guilt) after his brother commits suicide. Susan is a mystery wrapped up in a non-speaking package, however once Susan's story begins to get revealed These three characters will face nothing like they have ever faced before. This book was an Emotional Rollercoaster. While I didn't cry (it really does take a lot for me to cry) I was damn near close to shedding those tears. Kat's, Susan's and Rhys story draws you in and the way Mansell makes everything intertwine was great. There is so much I want to say about this book but I really can't without giving things away and I really don't want to spoil things for you.

The entire time  I just kept thinking please let everything end up well. Please let these poor souls get a happy ending, please just let there be peace. While I did enjoy this book I wanted to know a little bit more about Kat, her P.O.V didn't really feel as complete as Rhys and Susan's did. Also, I wanted more from the ending, It just didn't wrap up how I wanted it to for Kat. However despite that, I was also glad Mansell didn't go completely down the route I wanted her to go for Kat,

I recommend this book for those who have recently encountered Heart Break, Whether your significant other didn't work out, you just recently lost someone important to you, or maybe you made a wrong choice in life and have to just live with the consequences of that choice. Either way, this book is for you

Happy Reading!

About The Author

Anna Mansell Writes about the dark human grit and humor. She believes that reading is about the escape so she tries to end her stories in an uplifting way. 

When she is not writing she is taking care of her two children and loving it.

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