Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Once Upon a Book Case Unboxing

Hello Fellow Readers,

So I mentioned before how I wanted to try new subscription boxes, and well this is one that I have seen pop up all over the place and I really wanted to try it.

Once upon a bookcase is a subscription box that provides a beautiful bookish phonecase along with accessories that match your case.

I've been super excited for this box, and honestly when I first opened the box I was a bit disappointed. I didn't really like what I got, however I wont just unsubscribe I want to try the next month and see if maybe this is just the one dud.

This month's theme was Jane Eyre and I am ashamed to admit that I've never read it but I feel like I must especially since I have the phone cover no.
The first thing I unwrapped was the cameo necklace unfortunately it was broken when I unwrapped it, however their customer service was great and they promptly sent me a replacement necklace very quickly. The second necklace was slightly different but not enough to where it was bad.

The next thing I noticed was the fur cuffs that I was puzzled about. I would never actually use this, and I can't think of any reason someone would, unless they needed it for a costume. while this is different that what you usually would see I just can't see any reason for it.
They also included a coffee stencil or a cake decorator you can use it for either or. While this I also wouldn't use I can see how people would use it so it's not as bad as the cuffs. You would definitely need to clean it before every use as it is an absolute dust magnet.
Last but not least The phone case which is extremely well made and durable, it can also act as a card holder with 3 slots for a library card, credit card and another longer slot for maybe some money for a small book marker.

It was because of the gorgeous case that I decided to go with another month. Even my husband really liked the case and encouraged me to give it one more go.

What do you think of the box?

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