Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lipstick, Lattes and Literature II

Hello Fellow Readers,

It's time for another Lipstick, Lattes and Literature. This was suppose to be posted last week but due to hectic personal scheduling it just did not happen.

Currently Reading

I am currently reading The 100 by Kass Morgan. This is the book that is based off the CW's hit show of the same name. I have seen a couple of episodes of the T.V. show and it's not bad, so I thought I was start reading the book. So far it is a little slow. 

Currently Drinking

We got a new coffee maker since our Keurig went Kaput. While there we decided we might as well get some new coffee. I won't lie I am a Gourmet coffee drinker, which might make me a coffee snob, but I love the taste of coffee. I don't just drink it to wake me up, I want to enjoy my experience to the complete fullest I can. We picked up Seattle's Best Coffee very vanilla and boy does it really have a punch of vanilla flavor, I almost do not have to put any creamer in my coffee. I still do just for a slight sweetness. So if you like vanilla and like to drink black coffee you may love this. 

Currently Wearing

Once again not a lipstick, this EOS lip balm is just delightful. I'm trying to get my lips back to pre-harsh winter shape, and in doing so it's all about the lip balms!

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  1. Oh I so want to read The 100 before I start watching the show! And honestly, after all the talk about coffee, I'm gonna go make me some :P Great post Kimberly! :)