Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blue Spider Press April Unboxing

Hello Fellow Readers!

I got my Blue Spider Press box earlier last week and I finally got the time to unbox it! I was super happy with this month's box with the theme being Books, Bubbles & Brews.

What's In The Box!?

The First thing I noticed was the Java Shot in Chocolate Milano Flavor. I think noticed the Arabica Coffee they included as well. Both from Harmonies Brew. I can't wait to grind those beans and smell them. I'm sure they smell heavenly. 

Next up was the trial size Bookish Bubble Bath from TeaSoapBooks an Esty shop. My fragrance is Wuthering Heights a Lavender Green Tea Blend. I can wait to get sudsy! Hopefully the candle from last month's box compliments the smell. 

This gorgeous little  Teapot Necklace was crafted by the people over at Blue Spider Press themselves. I'll wear this during my tea time when I pretend I am sophisticated. 

This cute little Sugar Spoon is perfect for the start of spring and summer. I love that I can stir my tea or coffee with this cutie pie.

Now we can't forget the three Used books that come with this amazing box. Let's Face the Music and Die by  Sandra Scoppettone is a fourth installment of a mystery series. While it's gotten great reviews on Goodreads I'm not sure if I want to search and purchase the first three books. This may go into the donate pile.

The Reader by  Bernhard Schlink is a provocative tale about a affair between a fifteen year old and a women twice his age. Considering the reviews and the fact that this made it onto Oprah's Book Club, I am sure it would be a great book to read, but I have a huge stigma about reading books where one of the romantic characters are underage while the other one isn't. I'll have to add this to the maybe pile as I am still not sure if I want to venture into Schlink's world.

The book I am excited to read is Frail by  Joan Frances Turner. Which is a Science Fiction Zombie Horror story. This is the second book of a Trilogy series but I am much more inclined to get the first book and read that before getting this one (Buying three books just to read one is kinda weird and ridiculous).

So while the books all sound pretty great, I may only be reading one, which is such a shame. I truly wish boxes wouldn't send you a book in the middle of a series unless they were sure you have the first ones or are considering reading them. I know it's hard with used books, but I'm sure they could have tried harder. I did really enjoy the bookish items in this month's box, so much so that I am considering changing my subscription to bookish items only. I'll keep thinking about it. 

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  1. I understand your issues with the age difference in The Reader, but it was such a different time period where they didn't view it the same. The culture was different and it wasn't seen as wrong/taboo back then. Personally I enjoyed the book a lot, but I know it's not everyone's thing. I stay away from certain themes too

    Looks like such a cute book box - I bet the coffee and bath stuff smell divine!