Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lattes, Lipstick and Literature III

Hello Fellow Readers!

it's April already? Geez, the days are going by so quick, The saying 'Time Flies' really does become true the older you become because I feel like life is just flying right by. So with a new month comes a new edition of Lattes, Lipstick and Literature

Currently Reading

I am going to start reading eleanor & park by rainbow rowell. I am not sure if I am excited to read this or not, but considering how popular this book is I am hoping it's good.

Currently Drinking

So I only like to drink Iced coffee if it's prepackaged. I know that weird, right!? This goes the same for cold brew coffee.This Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Iced coffee was really good even if it is a bit on the light side, strength wise. 

Currently Wearing

So I know this is another balm but we are finally hitting color! This is a hot pink color that I think goes really well with my skin tone. I really do reccomend NYX butter lip balm if you want some color but also need to moisturize those dry lips.

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