Monday, May 22, 2017

Blue Spider Press May Unboxing

Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s that time of the month, where I start to get my subscription boxes and open them all to wonderful surprises.

What is Blue Spider Press?

Blue Spider Press is a monthly bookish subscription service that provides bookish items, Tea or Coffee and three second hand books.

What’s In the Box!?

This month’s theme was Steampunk, which is pretty okay. I was super interested and slightly impatient to see what we would get this month because of the theme.

I didn’t get coffee this month instead I got 4 different types of Teas. Two were Twinnings in Earl Grey and English Breakfast. The other was Bigalow in Chocolate Chai and Dandelion and peach. I am pretty excited to try the Dandelion Tea as I’ve never tried it before. I kinda wish I had gotten coffee but this was okay.

The Airship Captain Bottle Open Key is pretty awesome and I am so glad they included it. I can’t wait to just whip it out when I get a chance to.

I also got a Diffuser Necklace along with a sample of The Coggler from Literary Apothecary. I’ve never used a diffuser necklace before so I am interested to know if I would like it.

I wish I got the bonus Wonderland Postcard print, instead I got the mustache photo prop which I will admit is a bit disappointing. My cats did like to play with it though so I guess that’s something.

The three books I got this time was Lady of the Knight by Tori Philips. It is a medieval Romance novel that I am actually interested in it. The second book is the classic book The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Last but not least Second Child by John Saul which is a Horror Mystery book that is pretty interesting. I think I will be keeping all three books this time.

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