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Domestic Goddess; Deborah Schneider

What do you do if your life is suddenly a fixer-upper?TV lifestyle expert Bailey Holmes is about to take her show, Domestic Goddess, to the big time. With a larger network, new sponsor and series of shows around her upcoming wedding, she’s poised to be a media darling.Until her fiancĂ© announces he’d rather be the bride and a gossip reporter publishes an unflattering article about her. With her life going flatter than a sad soufflĂ©, she heads to Horseshoe Island for a family gathering and to hide-out.Bailey’s family offers to let her renovate their ancient family fishing lodge for her show. There’s only one stipulation, they’ve already hired a carpenter to do the job, and he stays.Max Cumberland is thrilled at the chance renovate Blue Moon Lodge, until he discovers the job is going to be part of a television show and he has to put up with a micro-managing domestic diva.Despite clashing over plans for the lodge, there’s a sexy sizzle of attraction between Max and Bailey that quickly goes from simmer to steamy.
Before long they’re spending long decadent nights together.But once the lodge is renovated and the show has finished filming, will there be a second season for the couple, or will Bailey be off the island for good

Title: Domestic Goddess
Author: Deborah Schneider
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publish Date: July 12th 2016


*A quick thank you to Netgalley and Moon Valley Publishing for letting me read and review this book*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I needed a break from fantasy, Teen angst and just everyday stress. I was hoping that by reading Domestic Goddess it would allow me to melt all of it away and it did for the first half of the book. I really enjoyed Bailey and her neurosis, she reminded me of myself. Bailey is controlling, determined and independent. We figure this out in the first scene of the book and I was sympathizing with her when Dudley (anyone still think Harry Potter when they hear this name?) dropped a bombshell at the most inappropriate moment and Baily came out looking like the bad guy. 

So she needed a small getaway while her producer fixed everything. I really enjoyed her and Meg relationship and wished it was a showcased a bit more in the books. Bailey and Max first encounter was a bit instant attraction for me, Bailey who is such a great character is turned into a horny mess who suddenly cannot vocalize. I understand that because the book is short that this instant attraction thing needs to be there but it doesn't mean I have to love it. 

Max was great though and I loved that he stood up for himself whenever Bailey became a bit more controlling. They really balanced each other out. Bailey Mother and aunt however were a different story. It's not that I hated them, I just didn't really like them. I can really put my finger on why because their personalities should really be up my alley. 

The story in general was quick and fun even if the ending was a bit rushed. There was never any doubt that Bailey and Max wouldn't end up together so any small fights that got in the way seemed slightly unnecessary.

Overall the book was fun, quick and just the thing I needed as an 'inbetween' read. I do recommend it to anyone who likes quick, cozy romances.

About The Author

 Deborah Schneider lives in the Northwest in the town that serves as the backdrop for "Twin Peaks" She writes various Genres that include; Paranormal, Steampunk and fantasy. She is a long time wife as well as mother and grand mother. 

In 2000 her book Beneath a Silver Moon won the Hear of Denver Molly award for "most unsinkable heroine". She has also finaled in the Contest sponsored by Dorchester publishing and Romanic Times.

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