Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SpotLight on Cartaban Cards

Hello Fellow Readers!

So I wanted to do something to help small businesses and raise awareness of shops and businesses. There are so many bookish stores out there that I wanted to share with you all! So I decided that I was going to purchase an item from one of these shops and promote it here on my blog. They could be bookmarks, art, clothing, accessories, and even used bookstores!

We need to help each other out, so I will also do a shoutout on my Bookstagram page as well. So if you have a online store that sells bookish products let me know I would love to take a look and feature you on my blog. So check out my blog once a month to find new products and stores!

This month I take a look at Etsy store Cartaban Cards!

Cartaban Cards has a beautiful assortment of book cover artwork. Each artwork is printed on an antique page gives the artwork a very vintage feel. I recently purchased the cover from The Name of the Wind for my husband as a birthday gift and he loved it!

I am interested in purchasing the cover of A Wrinkle in Time since it was my favorite book as a kid. We will be hanging this in our reading room. Not only do they have book artwork, but they also have movie, album, and quotes as well!

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