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The Devil's Revolver; V.S. McGrath

Title: The Devil's Revolver
Author: V.S. McGrath
Genre: Historical; Western; Fantasy;
Publisher: Brain Mill Press
Published: August 15th, 2017

She is Hettie Alabama — unlikely, scarred, single-minded, and blood bound to a revolver forged by a demon.
The first book in an epic, magic-clad series featuring the Wild West re-imagined as a cross-cultural stereoscope of inter-dimensional magic and hardship, The Devil’s Revolver opens with a shooting competition and takes off across the landscape after a brutal double murder and kidnapping — to which revenge is the only answer. Hettie Alabama, only seventeen years old, leads her crew of underdogs with her father’s cursed revolver, magicked to take a year off her life each time she fires it. It’s no way for a ranch girl to grow up, but grow up she does, her scars and determination to rescue her vulnerable younger sister deepening with every year of life she loses.


*A thank you to Edelweiss, The Author and Publisher for giving me a copy of this book for a fair and unbiased review*

Hello Fellow Readers,

So Westerns have really been my thing lately, move over Non-Fiction science books I think I may be finding my new favorite genre. So what do I say about this book. Well, let's start with the cover that I absolutely love, I think it's visually stunning. Secondly Hettie was a great female character, flaws and all. While yes she was brash and hotheaded, not to mention more stubborn in than a mule, she was also compassionate and thoughtful.

Over the course of the book we see a lot of changes in Hettie, but I guess that's what happens when you escape death and start on a path of vengeance. Plus, she is the owner of one demonic gun named Diablo, so changes do happen. There is a lot of murder and the fact that Hettie killed so easily makes me a bit wary, but you can tell that it is a side effect of her bond with this Devil's Revolver. I like that McGrath didn't come right out and say it but it's hinted at in her writing and Hettie's actions.

I loved the side characters, including that old geezer Uncle, and while I was a bit disappointed in a revelation about one of them, it didn't diminish the fact that McGrath really thought them through. There was a bit of a romance, and what I thought was the start of a Love-Triangle, but it seemed almost as a after thought and the story was not focused around it. I honestly don't know how I would feel if a romance developed between the two characters that I think will be romantically linked, I would have to see how McGrath handles it.

The inclusion of Native American and Chinese traditions, magic and the historical brutality was amazing and I wish more books would explore more cultures like McGrath did. Lastly, I love the fact that there are consequence. The actions that Hettie and crew did throughout the course of the book was not just immediately forgiven and forgotten. No, people died and I think that is where we are headed for the second book, Which I honestly cannot wait for. 


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