Thursday, June 28, 2018

Short Story Quick Reviews #1

Hello Fellow Readers,

So sorry that the reviews have slowed down, but I've been busy and while I do not feel guilty for not reading and reviewing, I do miss just being a part of this amazing community. Anyways, I love reading anthologies, you get lots of awesome stories and usually, at least for me, it introduces you to some great new authors. The thing about reviewing anthologies is that each story and the author does not get it's due. While the most notable stories may make its way into the review, ultimately you don't have enough time to talk about them all. That's why I decided to do these quick reviews so that I can give each story and author the time it should have.

That Moment When... Is a Young Adult anthology brought to you by the Alliance of YA Authors. It features stories from different genres ranging from Paranormal to Dystopian to horror. It has 40 stories each brought to you by an array of talented authors.

*Spoilers ahead - maybe,  I try not to.*

Inconvenient Curiosity by A.M. Lalonde is an Urban Fantasy centered around a girl named Liv. It takes place at a convenience store (7/11 is my guess), Liv has just been through a horrible family tragedy that has left her jaded and alone. The story then takes a fantasy turn when smashing some things she unleashes a horde of monsters. Good thing an Erote (Cupid), driving a Dodge Charger and Blasting Brittney Spears, came to the rescue. I found the story well written and entertaining. I wished it was a full-length book. I even looked up the author and was pleasantly surprised to see she is writing a book about Liv. Yay! Great start to the anthology book.

Melissa by Kaitlin Bevis was much slower in pace. The main protagonist is a high schooler called Melissa who has spent her entire life being second fiddle to her best friend ( and goddess) Persephone. Melissa basically only exists to serve Persephone, so when her friend is rushed into hiding, she finds herself able to live a semi-normal high school existence. Melissa is dealing with guilty at wanting to be free, while at the same time thriving in her freedom. The twist at the end left me wanting to see what was going to happen, but I am actually okay with leaving the story as is. While not as exciting as the first story this one definitely has it's positives. 

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