Tuesday, January 8, 2019

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day 1 - 15 Book Confessions

Hello Fellow Readers!

I saw this challenge being done by Allison over at Good Books and Good Wine and decided to try my hand at it! It's pretty self-explanatory, just post about the topic on the day you do it. So since today is day 1 I have 15 Book Related confessions to share with you all.

1 - Even though I love Harry Potter, I don't understand why people go Gaga over it.

2 - I think most book subscriptions are overrated and overpriced

3 - I tend to steer clear of Best Sellers and love Indie books
4 - I always think the heroines should avoid the dark mysterious guys and go with the [obvious] choice of the nice guy.

5 - Steampunk books are my favorite genre
6 - I'm over nice virgin protagonists give me a girl who loves sex and cursing

7 - As I get older YA books appeal to me less and less
8 - I judge books by their covers
9 - If I'm in the middle of a good book I will ignore anyone who talks to me

10 - I judge people harshly if I see them bend a page in a book. Like, why you do that? Don't you know you're hurting it?
11 - When I was younger I would rush playing with friends so I can get home and read
12 - Sometimes I love books with unhappy endings

13 - I read smut books in public
14 - I've always liked the idea of wearing glasses when reading, but now that I have to I can never find them.
15 - I never trust a person when they say they don't read


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