Monday, January 14, 2019

Book Bloggers Challenge Day 6 - How I shop for books

Hello Fellow Readers!

So today is how I shop for books, usually, I have a mental list of books I want to read and buy. Of course, as soon as I enter a book store I forget it, but that's why you have apps like Goodreads right? I do this for new books stores that I go into, I like to have a book in mind mostly because if I don't I have spend waaaaaay too much money buying books.

If I got to a Bargin book store or a used book store I don't bring a list. I instead will go through every single shelf looking at books and picking up the ones I want or think sound good. because the books are discounted I can actually afford them, I can spend hours in a used book store and love it.

How do you shop for books?

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