Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I'm back! (sort of)

This is not me, or my cat but he's so cute!
Photo by Flickr from Pexels

My Fellow Readers,

I am sorry, but also not sorry I've been gone so long. The one thing with Blogging is that I try not to feel guilty if I don't post, but at the same time I have been gone for so long that I almost felt like I couldn't come back. It's been six months and I hated to be away, but I've done so much that I had a lot to do. Sometimes real life just gets in the way, if there are still people reading this I hope you continue to stay with me.


A couple of changes, first, aiming to post three (at least) times a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Secondly, I hope to incorporate more pop culture content such as movies, games, and of course books! I also want to get more into comics as well as indie books. Hopefully, soon I can interview some indie authors as more "mainstream" books just don't interest me anymore. Doesn't mean I won't read them, I will just be pickier when choosing the books to read as I tend to fall into the hype and become absolutely disappointed.

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