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Fanny Bower Puts Herself Out There; Julia Ariss

Title: Fanny Bower Puts Herself Out There
Author: Julia Ariss
Published: Nov. 24th, 2013
Fanny Bower is not a joiner. She leads a quiet existence - keeping to the sidelines, avoiding high jinks, living in her head and waiting for something momentous to happen. A few weeks into a new job, at the urging of her socially savvy colleague, she decides to begin afresh to conquer her fears and release her inner dynamo – whatever that is.
Her inaugural foray at an office cocktail reception goes horribly awry when she finds herself caught up in mayhem and thrust into the spotlight, placing her at odds with her handsome and uber-powerful employer who takes a dim view of her shenanigans. Determined to fix her crippling social anxiety, stay employed, and discover her life’s purpose, she puts herself out there. Her new “butterfly wings” are tested as they flutter incessantly between mystifying small talk and mortifying gaffes in a bid to unleash a charm offensive – whatever that means. At the very height of her confusion, she is spurred to action by the plight of a friend. She plunges headlong into a situation fraught with uncertainty and risks everything, including the alienation of the one person she’s managed to captivate in the process


Hello Fellow Readers!

I really wanted to like Fanny Bower puts herself out there, and I did for the first half of the book, but then somewhere along the way it went from fun quick read to annoying. I can't quite pinpoint how or when this happened, but it made finishing this book a bit of a nightmare. Originally I thought it would take maybe a day or two, but a day turned into a week, then two weeks. Finally, I just sat down and toughed it out.

First of all Fanny, I loved her in the beginning. An introvert trying to change her life and meet new people, which then fun hijinks ensue. A caring soul, who seemed to have a bit of moxie when challenged, but suddenly serious issues were introduced and Fanny became too nice. I've gotten to the point where too nice characters seem boring. This doesn't mean I don't like them, but when someone takes advantage or demeans the character I expect them to do something. Don't get me wrong, I did like some aspects of Fanny's character, I like that she does help, isn't sociable and perfect, and has a thing for scarves but she needs to get a little of a backbone.

Secondly, I think the inclusion of a certain serious plot point made it go a little downhill for me. I expected fun-loving, wacky with a hint of romance, but the second half was a little too serious for me. Plus, the pacing was not my cup of tea, around the 9th chapter is where the story seemed to pick up with this plot point but it was just too late.

Now, I did like that the romance aspect was not front and center, No insta-love here (thank you!). I also liked that Fanny was kind of oblivious to it, even though the readers knew exactly what Jack was doing and why he was suddenly always there. Anyway, this book just wasn't my cup of tea, but that does not mean it isn't yours.

Have you read this book? Did you like it?

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