Saturday, March 21, 2020

Haunted; Trysh Thompson

Title: Haunted (Triskaidekaphilia #5)
Editor: Trysh Thompson
Genre: Horror; Science Fiction; Romance
Published: September 19, 2019
Publisher: Pen and Kink Publishing

Not all ghost stories are simple sightings and things going bump in the night. Not all ghosts are left behind because of simple unfinished business. No, sometimes that unfinished business is messy, complicated, and even deadly.
These are not your typical ghost stories—they are desire, love, and most importantly, revenge—all rolled into one. Revenge for a love stolen away, a love that never was, a retribution for a horrific act, or even an act of war.
Containing original stories and poetry by A.K. Alexander, Sara Dobie Bauer, Clint Collins, Harley Easton, Rhonda Parrish, Wendy Sparrow, Elesha Teskey and ReLynn Vaughn
* A thank you to the Netgalley, publisher & editor for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*


 Hello Fellow Readers,

I know this probably isn't the time to read horror, or maybe it is, either way, an anthology was a way to go. The reason why I love reading anthologies so much is that because they are short stories within one book, I don't feel pressured to have to continue reading or I don't feel guilty for DNFing a story in an anthology. During times that I have trouble reading or find myself short of reading time, I typically aim for an anthologies for this reason. This anthology has a mix of genres that have one thing in common each story has a female ghost as it's center. This was an interesting concept, and I was so glad that I read this book. Each story was so vastly different from the others, I was expecting horror cliches and lots of scary moments. While some stories had this, other stories had Love and Comedy. 

My absolute favorite story was Abeyance by Relynn Vaughn. Its perspective was that of Lisa who died and it skips back in forth in time during her death to show how she is handling the changes that Alan (her husband) is going through. It's very interesting because the story shows both Alan and Lisa's grieving and how a ghost could feel should the person they love moves on. There are also other dynamics in the story that I do not want to give away that also made this story my favorite. There was surprisingly not a single story in this anthology that I skipped and I enjoyed the book from start to finish. 

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