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Something Strange and Deadly; Susan Dennard

Title: Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1)
Author: Susan Dennard
Genre: Young Adult; Steampunk; Horror
Published: July 24, 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen

Sixteen-year-old Eleanor Fitt’s brother is missing. After discovering the Dead are rising and wreaking havoc in Philadelphia, she knows that her brother is involved.
So Eleanor enlists the help of the Spirit-Hunters. This motley crew, hired to protect the city from supernatural forces, is after the necromancer who has been reanimating corpses. Their skills can save her brother. Yet as Eleanor spends time with the Spirit-Hunters and their handsome inventor, Daniel, the situation becomes dire. Now not only is her reputation at risk, but her very life hangs in the balance.
In Something Strange and Deadly, Susan Dennard weaves together beautifully imagined scenes of action, adventure, and vivid Victorian life to create an entertaining steampunk tapestry of humor, horror, and romance. Readers will be intrigued from the start.


Hello Fellow Readers,

So I guess I've been on a Susan Dennard kick and I am so happy that I have. Her ability to weave worlds and tackle different genres such as Fantasy and in this case horror and steampunk I really love. Author's who can multi-genre always have a big one up on other authors for me. Anyway on to the book.

The book opens up with Eleanor trying to meet her brother at the train station, only he doesn't show, then the dead comes. I like that it opens up a bit with action even though Eleanor is not an action hero (yet). Eleanor at first was maddening, she was mousey, shy, and a little rude which is such a bad combination for me. Eventually, we see Eleanor start to open up and actually show her backbone and that she had the ability to think about situations rather than just take them at face value. Being able to actually read and see Eleanor grow was really great and I love that Dennard did that (and did it well).

The background characters were great, and I wish that we had more interaction with some more but I didn't mind it. The one thing I did mind was the romance and the 'twist' of who the necromancer was. First, I felt the romance was sudden and quick. It went from a casual sudden attract to FEELINGS, I wish that Dennard would have pushed it until the second book to give it a bit of a foundation. I saw the twist a mile away and knew exactly how that was going to go since the beginning of the book, this is the reason why I didn't give this book a higher rating.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and will read the second one. 

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