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Fake Marriage to her Best Friend; Kat Cantrell

Title: Fake Marriage to her Best Friend (Uptown Brides #2)
Author: Kat Cantrell
Genre: Romance
Published: January 3rd, 2019
Publisher: Cross My Heart

They promise each other they won’t let it get weird. But they do. And it does…
Nomi Hannon is sick of losing. First, she failed to get her brother off on fraud charges. Then, she lost the practice they built together. She’s not about to lose the city council election. Too bad she just accidentally starred in a compromising photo that her squeaky-clean opponent is all too willing to use against her. Surely marrying the guy in the photo — her best friend, the only stable force in her life — will solve the problem… right?
Malone DuMar’s luck hasn’t been any better than Nomi’s. He’s not looking for a wife, not after his ex-fiancée stole his company. But Nomi has always been the one person he could count on. There’s no way he’s going to turn his back on her when she needs him the most.
It's a simple plan. Only pretend. That’s what they told themselves, anyway. But that was before they realized their friendship was on the line if their marriage of convenience went south. Before the kiss that changed everything…


Hello Fellow Readers,

So, I am a sucker for fake dating tropes. I don't know why, but I just love them and typically when I come across them I read it. So, naturally when I stumble across the book with a title such as this one naturally I needed to read it. Typically tropes such as this one, you kind of have to wave away the reasoning to start fake dating (or fake marriage although it was real?) so I didn't care too much about the reasoning, especially since it seemed a little far-fetched. 

Cantrell's writing was good, but despite them apparently best friends I didn't really get the best friend vibes from them starting out. It seemed like it went straight to the fake marriage aspect of the book. I would have really liked a little setup, have them hang out together prior to the compromising photo so I was able to get a sense of how their friendship was.

I enjoyed the story to a point because then the miscommunication started setting in, with assumptions causing a major rift. Plus, Malone drove me crazy with his hot and cold actions towards Nomi, and his inability to communicate with her. I adored Nomi though because she was practical and level headed, Plus she understood exactly what she was asking Malone for. Still, I was rooting for these two despite my frustrations. One other thing I wish Cantrell had done was flesh out the branching stories such as Malone's ex-fiance and her business stealing ways, or Nomi being haunted by not being able to defend her brother. I would have really enjoyed the book had we seen a resolution to these angles.

Overall, the book was exactly how I thought it was. It was a light read that didn't feel too heavy and I finished it in one sitting. 

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