Friday, June 5, 2020

The Mask of a Thousand Tears; David Chauvel

Title: The Mask of a Thousand Tears
Author: David Chauvel; Roberto Ali (Illustrator)
Genre: Comic, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel
Published: April 20th, 2020
Publisher: Europe Comics

After a horrific battle in a mythical Asian land, a peasant soldier with a mysterious past encounters a young woman who has come to find the body of her dead fiancé. She is determined to travel to Takedo Castle and get her hands on the Mask of a Thousand Tears, a golden mask which will allow her to travel to the underworld and bring her fiancé back to the land of the living. The peasant, Masamura, accompanies Sadakyo on her quest. She discourages him but soon learns that she has no chance of surviving without his help. They are both determined, for different reasons, to see this mission through to the end, no matter what the cost. A story in two volumes.

*A Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read book in exchange for a honest and unbiased Review*



Hello Fellow Readers,

I have been in a graphic novel mood because today I am bring you The Mask of a Thousand Tears. This story is about a traveler that meets a woman on the battle field. Her fiance is one of the casualties of a brutal war. She is determined to bring him back and together they travel to find the mask of a thousand tears.

This was an interesting read, a bit slow in the beginning but it eventually picks up. I really enjoyed Masamura's character, his chatty and thoughtful nature really intrigued me and the small snippets of his backstory that you get were addicting. I wish Chauvel would have gone into more detail but I have a feeling we will get the full story in the next book.

Sadakyo on the other hand made me so upset. I understand that she is grieving and her fiance was just killed in a brutal war but she came across as stupid, naive, and hysterical. There are moments where I thought I could finally like her but then she does something that would have me scoffing and shaking my head. I will say though that her determination to find the mask is admirable. Even so, she comes across as mentally unstable and I don't see her appeal. I think the next book may feature her more heavily and it's the only reason why I would he hesitant to pick it up when it comes out. 

The artwork by Ali is amazing, I mean just look at this gorgeous cover and you can see why I love it. He really does give a dimension to the characters that would not have easily been translated with just words alone. I really need to look at his work more because I really like his art style.

Overall, this book was good.

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