Monday, July 20, 2020

Destiny's a Witch; Lucy May

Title: Destiny's a Witch
Series: A Wicked Good Mystery
Author: Lucy May
Genre: Cozy Mystery; Magic; Witches 
Publication date: August 21st, 2018
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishers

Welcome to Charm Cove, Maine - where the Good are Wicked, and the Wicked are Good... or maybe not. Nothing is ever as it seems, at least not in Charm Cove, Maine. Moira Wicked-yes, that's actually her name-moves away in the hopes she can escape her fate, or destiny, or something along those lines. She yearns to lead a normal life. A few years away teaches her one glaring lesson. It's incredibly difficult to be normal when your first name means destiny, your last name is Wicked, and you actually do come from a family legendary for its witchy ways. Trying to keep her powers under wraps in the real world is a tad tricky. A love spell gone sideways sets in motion her return to Charm Cove for a spell. As bad luck would have it, or fate if you'd rather, she's home for one single day when a body turns up floating in the town fountain. The oh-so-charming Charm Cove is turned upside down. Meanwhile, tourists are crowding its picturesque streets, and magic is being bottled up and sold as health remedies. Moira finds herself in the thick of the murder investigation, all the while trying to hold her nosy family and destiny at bay. Destiny comes in the form of Liam Good. A Wicked is fated to fall in love with a Good once every century. No pressure or anything. Take a visit to Charm Cove, where Wicked meets Good and where you just might find there's almost always more than meets the eye. 


Hello Fellow Readers,

I've been wanting to read a cozy mystery for a while, and I thought I finally found one that suited my needs. This had witches, a charming town, and magic potions everything I wanted but it fell surprisingly short. First of all, Moira, which means fate and destiny, is an okay character. She's smart and driven but I didn't feel attached to her. I actually didn't feel attached to any character in this book, and the reason is because of the romance aspect. 
Now don't get me wrong, when I read a book like this I expect there to be romance but I expect it to be secondary to the actual murder mystery plot. However, this book pretty much shoves it in your face from the get go, so much so that I actually didn't want Moira, which means fate and destiny, to get together with Liam. I was hoping she'd meet someone else.The actual murder seemed almost like an afterthought, which bugged me because I that's why I like to read these books.

Also, the whole fate and destiny thing (because that's what Moira means) was told over, and over, and over. I get it, a Good is destined to marry a Wicked every generation but come on anytime she had a conversation with someone it was brought up. Before I even properly got to know Liam I was already sick of him, and he wasn't a bad guy at all. 

Overall, I think I may pass on this series which is an oddity for me.


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