Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Top 10 Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

Hello Fellow Readers! Today I am participating in Top 10 Tuesday, created by That Artsy Reader Girl. Typically, I don't keep track of the authors I read so I am excited to see who exactly I've been reading the most from and what genre it is! I've had to deep dive into my goodreads books, but while some authors I knew would be picked, others I was surprised about. By the way, the authors are not listed in any particular order, besides who I discovered and whatnot. Enjoy!

1. Shel Silverstein (5 Books)

Not sure if I wanted to include childhood books but I have read these again as an adult so I am including them. I loved these books as a kid and Shel Silverstein was actually the first author I read on my own. 

2. Angie Fox (5 books)

I really liked Angie Fox's Southern Ghost Hunter series, and as soon as I have read the entire series I will dive into her demon slayers series. 

3. Susan Dennard (4 Books)

I've really enjoyed the witchlands series, which I will be started Bloodwitch this month, and I have also delved into her Something strange and deadly series as well. 

4. Jim Butcher (8 Books)

I like Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files series and I am currently listening to the 8th audiobook, I really liked The Aeronaut's Windlass and will be reading the second book when it gets published (hopefully, soon!!!!) and I do have the first book in the Codex Alera series. 

5. Mira Grant (3 Books)

The Newsflesh series are one of my all time favorite zombie books to date, and I really want to read her Parasitology book, as well as her Rolling the deep series. 

6. Auralee Wallace (2 books)

I know I have only read two books by Wallace but I really loved them, and I really wish she would continue this series. I know she also writes a murder mystery series that I want to get into when I have the time. 

7. Amanda Lovelace (2 books)

While I loved to read poems as a child and teenage, Lovelace was the one who really connected my adulthood to poetry. I really need to get more of her books because her poetry really inspires me. 

8. Sarah Blaffer Hrdy (2 books)

I honestly didn't think I would see any non fiction writers on here but I was wrong. Sarah Blaffer Hrdy is a anthropologist and I really love her work. She mostly focuses on female reproduction and instincts. 

9. Amanda M. Lee (3 books)

I don't think I have ever properly reviewed these books on the blog which is a shame because I really liked them. I plan on rereading them in between my requests to make sure I can share with you all my feelings on them

10. Neil Gaiman (3 books)

This one surprised me because I thought I would have read more books by Gaiman but I have only read 3 and one was an anthology. I am currently listening to the full cast production of American Gods, and I want to read more books by him I just have to make some time. 


  1. Jim Butcher made my list too
    My TTT

  2. I love that a lot of these authors are on my watch list! I can't wait to discover them all :D

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday.

  3. I read a bunch of Shel Silverstein books when I was a kid! I can’t wait to buy them for my niece when she’s old enough.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. Neil Gaiman's one of those kind of authors where I'll read anything he cares to write. :)