Thursday, August 6, 2020

Triple Best Friend Heat: Pepper Swan

Title: Triple Best Friend Heat
Series: Cowboy Heat #2
Author: Pepper Swan
Genre: Polyamorous; Romance; Reverse Harem
Disclaimer: Sexual Content
Publication Date: February 26th, 2020

They’d been my best friends… until tragedy struck.
I never wanted to see them again.
Never say never.

When a generous offer comes in for the ranch I deserted two years ago, soon after my husband’s memorial, I decide it might be time to sell and give myself some closure. The only thing stopping me are my three best friends who still tend to the daily needs of the ranch. I owe it to them to show up in person and tell them my plans.

As soon as I see Toby again, the smoldering, hard-bodied loner, I know I’ve made a monumental mistake returning to the ranch I’d once loved. His touch generates a heat so intense I can hardly breathe.

When I meet up with Dale, with his smooth wit, that boy-next-door attitude, and his chiseled body, I find it impossible to control my dirty thoughts.

And when Josh, looking drop-dead gorgeous with his jeans slung low on his hips, and a smile that could melt skin, gives me one of his bear hugs, I lose all sense of purpose and realize how much I want these three rugged cowboys in my bed.

But am I ready for love again… and with my best friends? Are these brawny, strong-willed wranglers willing to share me? And if they are, how can I possibly sell the ranch?

What’s a cowgirl supposed to do? 


Hello Fellow Readers,

One of my guilty pleasure genres are Reverse Harem and when I read the synopsis for this I immediately picked this up and started reading. Unfortunately, this was hard to get through. Did it deliver on the smut, yes but I just wasn't into it. It was basically insta-love and I didn't feel like any of the male leads really grew during the story. I did like the main character, but alas I can't even remember her name so that should tell you some things.

The writing wasn't awful, and I think Swan delivered on the cowboy slang (althought I don't know too much). I really wished they all had more interaction with each other, I think that was what I was really missing. Either way, I think this series is a pass for me which is sad considering the high rating it has.

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