Monday, September 7, 2020

Mercadia Calling; Shaka Bry


Title: Mercadia Calling
Author: Shaka Bry
Genre: Urban Fantasy; Young Adult
Publication Date: September 22, 2020

Mermaids and merliens have existed deep in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of years. Jonah, the first human to dive headfirst into their underwater realm, is about to discover a fantasy of epic proportions.On a sweltering August day at the Jersey Shore, from his lifeguard chair, Jonah spots an old man drowning. After a dramatic rescue and resuscitation, the seventeen-year-old hero begins an incredible journey to an enchanting city beneath the waves.Mezzy, a mermaid from another world, longs for adventure in or out of the high seas. Rebellious in nature, she is drawn to land… and to Jonah. Between the two of them, they might just open a magical portal so the courageous mermaid can return home. But what awaits her on the other side?Merlien emotions and ocean tides are rising, multiple worlds are colliding, and Mercadia is calling…


*A Thank you to the author for allowing me to read this, this is my honest and unbiased review* 


Hello Fellow Readers,

So I don't read a lot of books with Mermaids in them, I am not sure why since I don't mind Mermaids, so when I got the chance to read this I was excited. Mercadia Calling is a very unique take on Mermaids, while yes there is an underwater city we get to see the very real feeling politics in which you don't see in other books like this. These politics were very interesting to me, and while this is a Urban fantasy it almost felt like a thriller at some points. 

I also really liked Jonah and Mezzy, they were so likable and I really liked them separately as well as together. I also really liked the queen, She was a very strong female presence that you knew cared about her people. The one drawback I had was sometimes the story was a bit hard to follow, so I had to reread some chapters at times to make sure I didn't miss anything, which is why it took me a bit longer to read than I would have liked, it was also hard to keep track of the characters because there were so many of them. This is most likely due to it being a first book, so it needed to set up for later books. I really liked the ending which set up for the next book really well.

Overall, a good first book, with an intriguing set up to the next book.

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