Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday TBR Cleanup #3


Hello Fellow Readers,

It's Thursday that means we take 5 books from my goodreads list read the summary and decide if I want to keep or it's gone.

Last week I kept 2/5 books

The Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected Fiction by Neil Gaiman
The Roommate by Rosie Danan

This weeks books:

1. Ricky the Time Traveling Trash Panda by Kent Golden - Gone

An injured raccoon from the future. . . A shy girl. . . A mission to save the planet. . . But something wasn't right.

Ricky thought he was prepared for anything. But he soon learned that a broken leg, an overly protective cat, and vindictive squirrels were the least of his worries.

His mission was simple - save three targets in order to change the fate of the world and all of humanity. Those three targets were so important to the future of animals that he couldn't wait to meet them.

Only they were the stuff of nightmares. . . A butcher, a hunter, and a scientist, all treating animals in the most horrible ways.

Was this really the mission, or was there some kind of mistake? What should he do?

The adventure begins!

2. Out of the Ashes by Tansey Morgan - Gone

Fresh out of Hell and into the arms of angels. For a demon, nothing could be worse.

When a bunch of cultists drag me out of Hell to be their promised, demonic slave, I don't have a choice but to slash their throats and claw my way to freedom. But the fight leaves me weak, and wounded I fall into the hands of the only thing worse than cultists.


An overprotective guardian without a flock to watch over. A zealous lightbringer forced to pick sides. A lusty warrior hungry for a good... fight.

Escape is impossible. Each of them alone has enough power to destroy me utterly. Except they don't. Turns out I've fallen into a warzone, angels are murdering angels, and I might be the answer to their problems.

Only I've got problems of my own. I have a demonic overlord to hunt down and kill for selling me like cattle. But first I have to shake the angels off, if I could only resist the pull of their bodies.

3. Kathy Shearer's Second Act by Kayt Ludi - Keep

Kathy Shearer is a woman turning 40 - divorced, no kids, no family besides her cat, and in a dead-end job that sucks the life out of her daily. She's always loved crime/heist/police procedural books and shows, so in the midst of a slight midlife crisis she works up the nerve to see if she can pull off a heist herself. The answer is that she can, and she does, and Kathy's second act, as Kat Steele, is where her life finally starts.

4. The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan - Gone

A dark power called the Talisman has risen in the land, born of ignorance and persecution. Led by a man known only known as the One-eyed Preacher, it is a cruel and terrifying movement bent on world domination—a superstitious patriarchy that suppresses knowledge and subjugates women. And it is growing.

But there are those who fight the Talisman's spread, including the Companions of Hira, a diverse group of influential women whose power derives from the Claim—the magic inherent in the words of a sacred scripture. Foremost among them is Arian and her apprentice, Sinnia, skilled warriors who are knowledgeable in the Claim. This daring pair have long stalked Talisman slave-chains, searching for clues and weapons to help them battle their enemy’s oppressive ways. Now, they may have discovered a miraculous symbol of hope that can destroy the One-eyed Preacher and his fervid followers: The Bloodprint, a dangerous text the Talisman has tried to erase from the world.

Finding a copy of The Bloodprint promises to be their most dangerous undertaking yet, an arduous journey that will lead them deep into Talisman territory. Though they will be helped by allies—a loyal ex-slave and Arian’s former confidante and sword master—both Arian and Sinnia know that this mission may well be their last.

5. A Cat Story by Ursula Murray Husted - Gone

 Cilla and Betto are two friends who need a place to call home. The docks in Valletta are too wet, and the scraps of food too scarce. The city’s streets are too busy, and the humans too unreliable.

But what about the quiet garden from old kitten tales—a place where all cats are welcome, and the humans are always kind? Could the stories really be true?

As Cilla and Betto embark on a grand adventure to find out, they begin to spin a tale of their own—one that will take them through the art and stories of many journeyers who came before, and that will bring them to a surprising destination.


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