Thursday, December 17, 2020

Graphic Novel: Mercy by Mirka Andolfo


Title: Mercy: The Fair Lady, The Frost, and The Fiend
Author: Mirka Andolfo
Genre: Fantasy; Graphic Novel; Horror
Publication Date: December 2, 2020
Publisher: Image Comics

Washington State, late nineteenth century. During the frenzied historical era commonly known as the Klondike Gold Rush, a mysterious woman arrives in Woodsburgh, a small mining town close to the Canadian border.

It's been a few years since the Swanson mine was closed following the terrible accident that claimed the lives of so many men and women, included the owner's and the city it's still struggling in search for a new place on the map of the country.

Elegant and extraordinarily wealthy, Lady Hellaine arrives in the city accompanied by her faithful butler Goodwill and settles in one of the most luxurious mansions in town. A lifestyle that contrasts sharply with that of the majority of the population, forced to choose between humble crafts and illegal activities.

No one is aware of the reasons that led such a classy lady to move from Seattle to the small village, but her arrival certainly did not go unnoticed. Especially in the eyes of Lady Swanson, widow of the late mine owner and leading figure of the local bourgeoisie. Lady Hellaine's plans will bring her on a collision course with the powerful Lady Swanson, who, for reasons not entirely rational, distrusts the newcomer.

Meanwhile, the streets and surroundings of Woodsburgh are flooded in blood: a heinous creature is killing incautious citizens, wreaking havoc on their bodies. Enough to induce local authorities to impose a strict curfew after sunset.

And with the falling of the first snow, the "Woodsburgh Devil"'s fury seems to have even increased. What's the connection, if any, between this disturbing presence and the ivory-skinned stranger?

Who's Lady Hellaine, really? And what's her secret agenda?

*A Thank you to Edelweiss+ for allowing me to read this. This is my fair and honest review*  


Typically, graphic novels like this are right up my alley, unfortunately this couldn't keep my attention well. I couldn't connect with any of the characters and the one character I did like...was killed which basically ruined the comic for me. I almost DNF'd but eventually decided to keep going just to see how it would end. I will say that the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, which was the only thing that really kept me interested. 
Overall, not for me but it might be for you.

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