Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 Hello Fellow Readers! 

As much as I want to dive right into reading I am going to go slow and pace myself so I don't burnout before I even really get started so just a couple of books to start.

Faith Walker, a UCA cheer-captain-turned-coach, is fired from her daughter's championship-bound team, the Dallas Prep Bulldogs, only to be recruited by the lowest ranking cheer squad, the Wiley Moon Scorpions, located at a local juvenile detention center. Faith works to get the girls ready for their very first cheer competition, but with the girls having zero interest in cheering and even less experience, it's an uphill battle.








Gallery assistant Piper Diaz is focused on getting her artwork shown, and screw anyone who’s told her to drop the hobby. Nothing will stop her now that Pacific Blue Fine Art Gallery has agreed to display her creations. Things are finally going her way…

Until entrepreneur Alex Hutton purchases the gallery. He’s got zero interest in unknown artists and nothing will sway him from his goals. He gives her an ultimatum: work for him or quit. Pacific Blue must reopen in a month or he loses everything.

Piper’s falling for him, but his refusal to display her artwork just might drive her away. Working with Piper has Alex thinking about a lifetime love, but his family’s heart-shattering past keeps him from committing.

Can two driven, passionate people see past their own goals and come together to create something more spectacular than they could alone?


Chaynie Mayfield is the absolute last person who should be heading up the Morgan’s Grove library Valentine’s event. Ever since her boyfriend dumped her last year—on Valentine’s Day—she’s had a hard time believing in love.

When Greg Peterson, handsome architect and former schoolmate, is commissioned to oversee the library’s renovations, Chaynie’s spirits are instantly lifted. Greg helps her brainstorm, and they create an “Under the Stars” theme that promises to deliver a magical night for the entire town.

The longer Chaynie and Greg work together on the romantic project, the deeper their attraction grows. But when her dream job comes calling, Chaynie must decide whether her future aspirations are worth the price of leaving a town, a family, a library she adores, and a love she’s not sure she can live without.

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