Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Book Review: Adventures of an Urban Homesteader: The Diary of Kendall Whitney by Brooke L. Davis


Title: Adventures of an Urban Homesteader: The Diary of Kendall Whitney
Author: Brooke L. Davis
Genre: Comedy; Romance
Publication Date: July 9, 2020

No one should ever be on a date wondering if they have actual magpie poo mixed with snow in their hair, running down their back, and soaking into their underwear.

After three years under the thumb of a cretinous boss who’s sucked all the joy out of working a 9-to-5 job, twenty-eight-year-old Kendall Whitney has had enough. She flees San Francisco, her annoying roommates, and her overbearing mother, and takes refuge in Bozeman, Montana, where it feels like the big sky’s the limit.

Safely ensconced in her best friend’s guest room, she promptly launches a three-pronged plan: to live alone for the first time in her life, develop a successful graphic design career, and figure out what she wants in a relationship.

She embarks upon Operation Kendall Independence, only to realize that she doesn’t know the first thing about adulting. Hangovers, homemaking, freelancing, friendships, and modern cowboys bent on monogamy . . . it’s enough to send a single girl running for the gin & tonics.

With self-deprecating charm and endearing humor, Adventures of an Urban Homesteader is the raucous and heartwarming diary of a young woman who’s determined to seek stability and security on her own terms, and to make her own safety net in case she fails.


*A thank you to Booksirens for allowing me to read. This is my honest and unbiased review*

Hello Fellow Readers,

So, the synopsis for this sounded so good and when I settled in to read I was in the mood for a good laugh, but laugh I did not. Kendall is supposed to be an adult (28 I think) acts like a teenager, for the longest time I thought she was in her late teens, but then they reminded me of her age and I was in disbelief. Her behavior was just so immature, I had a hard time continuing the book. Despite only being 244 pages this book took me ages to finish, because I kept having to walk away from it.

I do like the diary format, as it was expected from the title, but I felt like it could have a bit less in terms of entries. There were times where I just kept thinking, this didn't really need to be here but alas I guess that also made it more believable? The secondary characters is where it was all at, I felt like they actually acted their age and felt like fleshed out characters which I think also contributed to my dislike of Kendall.

Overall, just not the book for me but it could be for you.

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