Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Book Review: Lost Soul by Adam J. Wright

Title: Lost Soul (Harbinger P.I. #1)
Author: Adam Wright
Genre: Mystery; Supernatural; Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: February 19, 2016
Publisher: Harbinger Press Ink

Alec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator

I’m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf, or your honey is kidnapped by a demon. I’m the guy who knows how to save your ass when an evil sorcerer casts a curse on it.

At least, I was that guy until the Society of Shadows sent me to Dearmont, Maine, a sleepy town that had a zero rating on the supernatural occurrences scale.

My plan was to spend my days sitting in the office with nothing to do except drink coffee and eat apple bakes made by Felicity, my new assistant. But when a woman hires me to find out if her son has been possessed by a demon at a rich kids’ party, and a young man comes to the office insisting he’s been bitten by a werewolf, Dearmont goes from zero to hero.

Oh, and did I mention that someone in the Society wants me dead?

Time to sharpen the swords and go to work…


Hello Fellow Readers,
I got to say that I am surprised I like this so much, I really wanted to read a Urban Fantasy and when I realized it was also a mystery series I was pretty excited to read it. Since this book is the first in the series I expected a lot of setup, but Wright does a pretty good job of  intertwining plot and backstory. We don’t get long winded paragraphs explaining things but rather conversations and the like.

I don’t know too much about the supernatural so I couldn’t really guess what was going on, or who was the culprit and like most Urban fantasies like this we have a mystery to solve while also seeing pieces start to unravel for a bigger mystery that should span a couple of books, which I am excited for. As far as romances went we don’t get too much in this one, there are some hints to a couple but I really hope it’s not Alec and Felicity. There’s just too many books where people that work together tend to become romantically linked and I would much rather they turn into best friends and not lovers.

Overall, a good start to a Urban Fantasy mystery series.


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