Friday, December 10, 2021

#CurrentlyReading December 2021


I've been doing better with my reading lately, meaning I've actually been reading. Yay for routine bedtimes giving mama just enough time to get in a chapter or two. 

 Anyway, Let me share with you all what I am reading this month.


Every year, members of Jack's community are invited to meet with the wealthy founders of the Stalk, the living space elevator that casts its massive shadow over every part of her life. Every few years, one of the chosen is a Digger like Jack--who returns to the community only to throw themselves to their death.

Jack doesn't want to think about the Stalk. She doesn't want to think about the friends she's lost. But this year, it's her turn—and refusing the invitation isn't an option.

When she arrives, she only has one goal: stay alive. But as she encounters a mix of people in the highest positions of power and other ordinary citizens like herself, she begins to realize that the truth about the Stalk is bigger than all of them--and darker than she could have imagined. And she's the only one with the power to stop it.

Fermentation produces fantastic non-alcoholic drinks. Think of a fresh and tart kombucha, a thirst quenching water kefir, or an earthy beet kvass. They all fizz with healthy bacteria and they all surprise you with their complex taste. More and more, you'll see these drinks offered in top restaurants and cocktail bars. But you can also make them yourself. Fermented drinks, with their natural sparkle and slightly yeasty taste, are a great alternative to wine or beer. They are perfect for those who want to consume less alcohol and those who want to give a pro biotic boost to their body.

This book tells you everything you need to know to brew these healthy and alcohol-free drinks yourself. You will find accessible recipes with step-by-step illustrations, scientific background information on the fermentation process, and "juicy" anecdotes about the origin of these extraordinary drinks.




Stalked by monsters in the woods and her past, Anora finds safety in the quiet comforts of her small town life.

It’s another ordinary day when she's sent to a Guardian assessment designed to unleash rare supernatural abilities, until she blasts a tunnel of water across the room. Her coach calls her gift a blessing, but Anora knows it’s a death sentence. Now she must train as a Guardian and battle the very monsters that have tormented her entire life.

After being thrown into the arena with a clawed and cackling creature, Anora refuses to accept this new life. She appeals to the Commander and begs her trainers to let her go home. The more they refuse, the more Anora realizes this isn’t a training camp—it’s a prison and they will never let her leave. Now she must escape the camp before the Commander catches on, for if he does, he may turn out to be worse than the monsters lurking in the woods.

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