Friday, January 7, 2022

Book Review: The Room to the West by Lauren Biel

Title: The Room to The West
Author: Lauren Biel
Genre: Dark Romance: Time Travel; Western
Publication Date: January 14, 2022
CW: Rape; Violence; Drug Use; Suicide; Death

Sometimes to go forward, you must go back.

So what if I’m jaded? No one ever asks me how I feel, anyway. They just use me.

My clients call me Hannah. I’m an escort, but I refuse to work in a brothel. I always followed the law until I strolled alongside the lawless. I never wanted to be with a man until I met this one. What business do I have with someone over a century my senior? What could we possibly have in common? Everything and nothing at all.

Weston’s dark and brewing eyes make me forget we’re from two different eras. His past bites at our heels, and he will kill again for me.

The rugged and desolate Old West is no place for me. For either of us.

How can I choose between him and my old life? How much am I willing to give up for the only man who’s ever seen my soul?



*A Thank you to BookSirens and the Author for allowing me to read this book. This is my honest and unbiased review*
Hello Fellow Readers,
Just a warning, this is a DARK romance so that means there is a lot of sensitive content in this book that may not appeal to others. Unless you like this genre, and have read other dark romances I suggest skipping it. 
So, this book is heavy. There are a lot of elements in which can make a reader uncomfortable, but it's well worth it. I loved 'Hannah' she was a tough girl, that although a bit jaded due to her trade, still has a lot to learn and boy does she. Traveling back in time, as a woman with no money really puts you in a tough position but Hannah does find a way. 

Biel does a pretty good job setting up the romance for 'Hannah' and Weston. From the very first moment they meet you can really feel the chemistry between the two that really makes you root for them to stay together even if you think it may be impossible. Biel also does a good job with the feel of what 1885 Arizona would be, something that needs to be researched a fair bit. 

There were some moments where I thought enough was enough, because damn the hits felt like they kept coming, but it does make you feel more for the end of the book. I just wished Biel did stop at certain points but I think the author wanted more of a realistic feel. Some moments were just a little too dark for me, and I had to skip some scenes but I still liked the book a lot.

Overall, if this is your type of romance definitely read.

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