Monday, February 14, 2022

Book Review: The 7 Rules of Moving On by Jess K. Hardy

Title: The 7 Rules of Moving On
Series: Mystic Hot Springs
Author: Jess K. Hardy
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: February 14, 2022

For jingle writer Kissie Mitchell, rules are all that stand between order and chaos. Determined to move on from a breakup and a stagnant life, she heads to Mystic Hot Springs—a resort in the remote town of Twin Hearts, Montana—for a Valentine's Day getaway with her best friend before embarking on a new job in Seattle and a more exciting life. She's armed with a laminated list of rules to keep her heart safe and a simple plan: find a rebound guy, get lucky, put her ex behind her. Not part of her plan: the resort’s sweet and smoking hot bartender, Andrew Trig.

Trig, with his soulful brown eyes, thick beard, and Keanu Reeves good looks, is not no-strings-attached rebound material. He's sell-all-your-stuff-and-move-to-the-middle-of-damn-nowhere-for-him material. Kissie is determined to keep her distance, but when he offers to act as her wingman for the weekend after her best friend gets sick in exchange for her help convincing Mystic’s owners not to sell the resort he loves, she can’t refuse.The more time Kissie spends in Twin Hearts, she’s charmed by the town, by Mystic, and by Trig. As the sexual tension between them steams up the windows more than the hot springs water, Kissie will learn some rules are made to be broken. When a single night calls into question everything she thought she wanted, she’ll have to decide if a misunderstanding will send her running away, or if sometimes moving on means staying right where you are.


*A Thank you BookSirens for allowing me to read this. This is my honest and unbiased review*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I am so happy I was able to fit a romance review in for Valentines Day! It's so rare that I get a genre on the right holiday for review! Let me start by saying that Hardy does well at conveying chemistry between her two main characters, Kissie and Trig. Their moments together was pretty electric, and when Hardy finally got to the smutty goodness it was HOT! There are a couple of things I have a bit of a gripe about, one of them being that we didn't get to see Trig and Kissie met, I know that in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn't matter, but since we didn't get that first electric moment between them that sparked their attraction to each other, it felt a little like instalove.

The second was Kissie's damn rules!!! They got me so frustrated I had to use 3 exclamation points to convey my feelings. It's because of these rules that I felt when she was faced with a decision she always made the wrong ones, this drove me crazy. I pretty much fell in love with Trig from his very first POV chapter so I wanted to see him end up with the person he wanted. Like, I understand why Kissie was hesitant on establishing a relationship especially since she made the emotional (if you get dumped please don't make life changing decisions) decision to take a job in Seattle, but that would have been a good reason, but the whole rules thing was just over kill. 

One thing I loved was Kissie's friendship with Dawn and Trig's friendship with Ryan, it was conveyed very well. 

Overall, a hot read just in time for Valentine's day.


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