Wednesday, February 23, 2022

#Currently Reading February 2022 Part 2


Hello Fellow Readers,

I usually only do one of these per month but I decided that I should update you all on what I'm reading when I am reading it. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you are currently reading.


In the small town of Airlie Falls, Texas, everyone knows everyone’s business, and newcomer carer and wannabe-baker Rosie Hart may be surprised to find herself the sole attendee at the funeral of her client, Miss Alice Auchinschloss, but she’s gobsmacked when she discovers she’s also Miss Alice’s sole heir. When reports confirm Miss Alice was actually murdered, Rosie becomes the potential small town hero for killing off the unpleasant woman—and prime suspect in her murder.

In a chance meeting with a helpful and handsome cowboy, Rosie discovers her newly-inherited home is ransacked, and someone is going to great effort to conceal their search. Rosie has no idea who is involved, or why, or what they were looking for, but when she’s questioned by the town’s sheriff, it becomes obvious that if she doesn’t prove her innocence, nobody else will.

With the help of her new friend, Jonah, his family, and a nosy but canny group of snack-loving ladies in the local retirement home, Rosie conducts her own investigation to clear her name and reveal the true identity of the murderer. Discussions over mouth-watering treats bring the motley investigative team closer together - and closer to solving this intricate puzzle, but when another elderly person winds up dead, it becomes apparent that this small town is full of secrets that someone is prepared to kill for in order to keep buried. Rosie must sift through her list of clues in order to serve up the truth - before she becomes the next victim!


 Charlie Saxe grew up in the seedy underbelly of Umbra before she was adopted and allowed to live in the palace. Since then, she has been training for years to be able to infiltrate an Equivalent high school, a task she needs to succeed at in order to make her adoptive father proud. Everyone in her world knows about the existence of the parallel universe Equivalent, but only trained soldiers are allowed to go there. After all her hard work, she refuses to let anything get in her way, including the inappropriate crush she happens to have on her target, Kav Kavanaugh.

However, when the only thing she can do to keep him safe is illegally sneak him into her world, Charlie is forced to put her personal needs aside. Counterpart is run by a monarchy, and she and Kav must help her King uncover a mole within the palace before Kav can return home. As the two of them grow closer, Charlie makes contact with the boy she left behind in Umbra, and discovers a conspiracy theory against the king that could change everything she thought she knew and believed in.



Maybelle works as a mechanic fixing bots and ships on Rove City and she loves it. Her life should be good. Except that her merchant father hasn’t returned from his most recent trip, her younger sisters need more than she can give them, and the family is quickly running out of money. Not to mention, Gabor, a local security guard, has decided he deserves Maybelle’s affections—at any cost.

She’s managing, until Gabor takes his attentions one step too far: he threatens her sisters. Maybelle realizes that she can’t protect them alone—it’s time to track her father down. But when she finally finds him, she discovers that it’s not that simple. He’s being held prisoner by Amarok, a temperamental cyborg who will only let her father go under one condition: Maybelle stays behind in his place.

For the sake of her sisters, she agrees, but soon discovers that there is far more to Amarok than meets the eye. The longer she stays on board his ship, the clearer it is that something strange is going on—but she doesn’t know what it is or how to fix it.  




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