Monday, August 29, 2022

Book Review: Goodbye Theodore by Candy D. Mitchell

Title: Goodbye, Theodore
Series: Return to Fowlengower book 1
Author: Candy D. Mitchell
Genre: Dark Fantasy; Horror;
Publication Date: September 1st, 2020

There are some worlds separate from ours - worlds that are thought to be just whispers. But what happens when one of those worlds collides inside our own? That’s exactly what happened in the sleepy town of Harthsburg. When Theodore Lexington’s body flew up into the chilly air it was clear that his day was turning into a real-life nightmare.

But the magical creatures that swept him into the sky, known to some as Twilight Breathers, took more than just Theodore. With only a small group of people left behind, three friends Eliza, Ben and Audrey set out to save him, along with any other townspeople they can find. But the more they learned the more they wonder if the creatures are really there on their own accord.Will the three friends be able to save Theodore in time? And who or what is behind the appearance of the Twilight Breathers?



 *I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.*
Hello Fellow Readers,
I really wanted to read a horror story and I thought this would be perfect to fill that itch and it did, at first. While the pacing was a little slow but I liked it that way since it helped me understand what exactly was going on. I will say I did like the three MCs, they felt real and reacted how I felt real people would react in these situations. It wasn't until we got to the real meat of the story where Goodbye Theodore lost me. 
This is where the majority of the fantasy elements came into play. With this addition, it felt like a little too much. I felt lost a majority of the time and would have to go back and reread which made it take longer than I would have liked. I will say that the ending felt a little abrupt but that made sense due to the fact that there is a second book coming out.
Overall, a pretty interesting books but not sure if it is for me. 


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