Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Book Review: Mayfly Hollow by Anne Lucy-Shanley

Series: Mayfly Hollow Book 1
Publication Date: March 2, 2021

It began as a typical day…

Fiercely independent bakery owner Kate Halloran likes her life the way it is. Casual sex suits her to a T. Work hard, play hard is Kate’s motto. No strings. No demands. No obligations. The ties that bind chafe. She learned a long time ago that the only person she can depend on is herself—and that’s just fine thank you very much.

Then a fast-acting highly contagious novel virus sweeps the globe, ushering a nationwide lockdown. Violence erupts in the streets. Chaos reigns. With the population decimated, Kate’s self-sufficiency kicks into overdrive as she fears she’s the sole survivor. When the dead awaken, Kate becomes prey. Desperate and hunted, she undertakes a dangerous journey—fleeing to the only refuge she knows.

The sanctuary of Mayfly Hollow isn’t without its perils. Can the other survivors there be trusted? And what about the mysterious cowboy called Teller, who gets under her skin like no man ever has? There’s more to him than meets the eye—she can’t help but wonder how much of his aww shucks routine is genuine.

As threats close in on every side, can Kate set aside her complicated past to navigate the new world order?


*I received a advance copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s been awhile since I have dad a zombie book, much less one that focused on romance but wow what a freaking roller coaster Mayfly Hollow is. Once it picked up I felt like there was just one thing right after another. First, lets talk MCs. Kate was pretty okay, very stubborn, but okay. I honestly didn’t know if I as going to like her at first but she grows on you very quickly with her resourcefulness. Teller was great, but I did feel like it was a little insta-love with how quickly Kate seemed to trust him (it ended up being a bit of a slow-burn for me)

Shanley  really has a way of making you despise the bad guys and also make you realize that zombies, while horrible and mindless creatures, they are nothing when compared to the evils of man. I will warn you that there are character deaths, unfortunately something that is to be expected when you read a book like this, but I still wished they didn’t happen. I hope in the later books we can eventually go into more details about Z- day and how it all started but that is just because I am a curious cat and I find that stuff entertaining to read.

Overall, an interesting romance series

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