Monday, September 5, 2022

Book Review: Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies by Misha Popp

Title: Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies
Series: Pies Before Guys Mystery Book 1
Author: Misha Popp
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Publisher: Crooked Lane

Daisy Ellery’s pies have a secret ingredient: The magical ability to avenge women done wrong by men. But Daisy finds herself on the receiving end in Misha Popp’s cozy series debut, a sweet-as-buttercream treat for fans of Ellery Adams and Mary Maxwell.

The first time Daisy Ellery killed a man with a pie, it was an accident. Now, it’s her calling. Daisy bakes sweet vengeance into her pastries, which she and her dog Zoe deliver to the men who’ve done dirty deeds to the town’s women. But if she can’t solve the one crime that’s not of her own baking, she’ll be out of the pie pan and into the oven.

Parking her Pies Before Guys mobile bakery van outside the local diner, Daisy is informed by Frank, the crusty diner owner, that someone’s been prowling around the van—and not just to inhale the delectable aroma. Already on thin icing with Frank, she finds a letter on her door, threatening to reveal her unsavory secret sideline of pie a la murder.

Blackmail? But who whipped up this half-baked plot to cut a slice out of Daisy’s business? Purple-haired campus do-gooder Melly? Noel, the tender—if flaky—farm boy? Or one of the abusive men who prefer their pie without a deadly scoop of payback?

The upcoming statewide pie contest could be Daisy’s big chance to help wronged women everywhere…if she doesn’t meet a sticky end first. Because Daisy knows the blackmailer won’t stop until her business is in crumbles.


*I received and advance copy for free, and I am leaving this honest and unbiased review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I've read a couple of books where baking and magic goes hand and hand but there is not a lot where the protagonist is using their magic for murder. Now, I am against murder (of course) but I am 100% rooting for Daisy. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe, but it does make for a very interesting story. Daisy is hard not to like, a little bit sweet, and a lot dark. I did get a little bit of Dexter vibes.

Or course, Daisy doesn't kill who she doesn't think deserves it, she very specific on who her victims are, but she does walk a very thin, fine line between hero and villain. The mystery aspect of the book was okay, although I guessed correctly on who the blackmailer was. The romance aspect was also pretty good, I kept waiting for Noel to make a sort of personality shift but was glad he remained on the up and up. 

Overall, a unique start to a magic, mystery series.


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