Monday, May 1, 2023

Book Review: The BFF Role by Jaysee Jewel


Author: Jaysee Jewel
Publication Date: June 1, 2023

Not every girl wants to be the hero of her own story.

Zilla is an average high school senior aspiring to become a nurse. The only unique thing about her is that she adamantly believes she is living inside a poorly written romance novel and her best friend Cindy is the main female lead.

Taking her role as the best friend very seriously, Zilla dedicates her free time to protecting her best friend from the author’s drama-hungry fingers, preventing the writer from interfering with Cindy’s love life. However, just as things are starting to go well between Cindy and the sweet boy-next-door who just moved in, a rival appears who could screw up Zilla’s plans.

The school’s notorious playboy, Axel Burns, decides to ask Cindy out for prom, singlehandedly turning what was going to be a sweet love story into a love triangle. Zilla won’t stand for it! But when Zilla tries to draw Axel’s attention away from Cindy, she accidentally turns it toward herself and ends up in a romantic side plot she doesn’t want any part of


Hello Fellow Readers,

I really wanted to like this, the synopsis seemed so interesting and unique. Unfortunately, it became apparent early on that this was not the book for me, but I wanted to read the whole thing in hopes that I would eventually like it but, spoilers I did not. This mostly stemmed from the fact that I didn’t really like anyone, except Cindy. Zilla was just very unlikable, her codependency of Cindy and her attitude in general put me off and Axel, while having some redeemable qualities was also unlikeable as he cheats on pretty much every girlfriend then wonders why Zilla doesn’t trust him to be faithful. Yes, over the course of the book they did have some growth but not enough where I actually started to like them. 

There was a surprise turn the book took midway. Although, I sensed some of it I didn’t think it would get as dark as it did.  I found it interesting but at the same time didn’t seem to really fit with the tone the book presented. Another thing that really bothered me was how repetitive Zilla’s thoughts were. It did get better towards the end but yes, I get that you think Cindy is the main character and that your in a book. It felt like I was reading the same chapter over again just with slight changes.

Overall, this was just not for me.  

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