Friday, October 27, 2023

Book Review: The Design of Dukes by Kathleen Ayers

Title: The Design of Dukes
Series: The Beautiful Barringtons #2
Author: Kathleen Ayers
Genre: Historical Fiction; Romance
Publication Date: April 1st, 2023

Lady Andromeda Barrington is the most unsuitable young lady in London.

At least in the Duke of Granby’s opinion.

Granby doesn’t care for bastard relatives or tainted pedigrees and Andromeda possesses both. Nor does he like opinionated young ladies who enjoy hurling insults in his direction.

Andromeda is, in short, the most annoying creature he’s ever met.

When she arrives, uninvited, to a house party given at his estate, Granby can’t decide whether to kiss Andromeda senseless or send her packing.

Andromeda is the victim of infatuation and bad luck.

The infatuation is that of her sister for the Earl of Blythe, but the misfortune belongs solely to Andromeda after she is forced to attend a house party hosted by the Duke of Granby. She and the duke are previously, unpleasantly, acquainted. The entire party is bound to be awkward, and their mutual dislike difficult to hide. Her only recourse is to avoid the giant block of ice masquerading as a duke. Thankfully, Granby’s estate is enormous.

But instead of mutual hostility upon arriving, Romy is greeted with unexpected attraction. Insults turn into flirtation. Heated discussions become lingering kisses.

Her heart is ruined. Granby may not even have one.

And the duke has already chosen another young lady to be his duchess.


Hello Fellow Readers,

I've been in the mood for a historical romance and I was really hoping this would scratch that itch, unfortunately, I just couldn't get passed my dislike over the 'Hero' in this novel The Duke of Granby. It's such a shame because I actually really liked Andromeda. She was ambitious, kind, yet very strong-willed. I just really liked her POV chapters, usually I love when a book has both the heroine and hero POV chapters as it really gives you each of their intentions and makes you get to know them better but in this case I really wish it was just Andromeda. The Duke doesn't really add anything unless you want to hear about his prejudices, how he hates everything, oh and how Andromeda gets his trouser snake going, but thank god he has a long coat that doesn't show it. Cue me rolling my eyes everytime. 

My irritation everytime he mentions why Andromeda would be an ill-suited bride almost makes me close the book. We get it Mr. Duke. I know historical romances are usually spicy but there's a build up and chemistry. I did not feel that with these two. I know the Duke eventually evolves and his mind changes but by that point I was so over it that I just was disinterested. 

Overall not the romance for me. 

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