Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Graphic Novel Review: Pixies of the sixties, We can work it out!

Title: Pixies of the Sixties: We Can Work It Out
Author: Alice Geslin; Harry Bozino
Genre: Fantasy; Graphic Novel
Publication Date: November 28, 2023
Publisher: Humanoids

Great Britain in the swinging sixties–The Beatles are taking the music charts by storm, the pop-culture revolution has gripped the nation’s youth…and human and fairies live uneasily, side-by-side.

Two tales of modern folklore from contemporary comics masters!

Carrie: As the only woman working at the Daily Telegraph, Carrie Mallinson is determined to become London’s first prominent female reporter. But after being assigned to a complicated murder investigation, the plucky journalist quickly uncovers hidden truths about her past and evidence of a terrifying force within the fairy world that challenges her certainties and makes her reconsider her priorities at the paper...

Amar: Sidelined at Scotland Yard following the racist blunder of a colleague, Sergeant Amar Singh–a young policeman of Indian origins–finds himself reassigned to the department’s underfunded fairy division. There, his investigation into the murder of a young fairy soon sets him on the trail of an odious trafficking ring, revealing a dark conspiracy that threatens to shatter both human and fairy alike…


*I received an advanced digital copy for free and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

Pixies of the Sixties: We Can Work It Out deals with a lot of different themes like sexism, racism, drug use, and police corruption, a bit heavy for this time of the year but sadly still relevant. There are two stories in this graphic novel, the first being Carrie's story, a journalist investigating a fairy murder she seems to have personal ties to. The second is Amar's story, he's also investigating a fairy murder but this one has ties to 'fairy dust' a new dangerous drug flooding the market. I found Amar's story much more interesting as Carrie's seemed to jump around too much for me and seemed to wrap up too neatly. I did like the villain in that one as it fits the fantasy element I was looking for, but there was just more to the second one. I do wish the pacing was a bit slower but I understand with graphic novels you have to keep a lower page limit.

Overall, a very interesting urban fantasy. 

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