Sunday, December 24, 2023

Manga Review: Pass the Monster Meat, Milady!

Title: Pass The Monster Meat, Milady!
Created by: Kanata Hoshi
Manga by: Chika Mizube
Designed by: Peperon
Genre: Fantasy, Manga, Romance
Publication Date:December 12, 2023
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

A fantasy romance about a voracious lady who delights in monster meat and a mad-blooded duke who is swept off his feet by her curious charms. If you loved Delicious in Dungeon and Drifting Dragons, you will be salivating for some grilled moodle and burning hot love in this series!

Like any proper noble lady, one must have certain acquired tastes. For Melphiera Marchalrayd, she just happens to crave a rather exotic protein -monsters! But do not judge! Despite its bad reputation, monster meat can be used in exquisite cuisine and Melphiera is determined to change the kingdom’s opinion of it! Unfortunately, since debuting in society, Melphiera has been struggling to find her perfect match...until she meets the fearless “Blood-Mad Duke” of Galbraith!


*I received an advanced digital copy for free and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

A bit of a spoiler alert, but I very much enjoyed this manga, I thought it was a very sweet and unique premise. I am also a sucker for a manga that features food, even in this case it would be monster meat, but I always love how in detail mangas give when preparing and cooking the meat. Melphiera is also just super sweet and so very socially awkward to the point of it being endearing, it sucks that she gets ostracized for her love of food. I loved seeing her get so excited when she talked about food. The Duke of Galbraith was also so very sweet to her while being absolutely badass. Seeing them being so awkward together just pulls at my heartstrings. I can't wait to see how the story develops. 

Overall, a sweet, fun, and fresh manga. 

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