Monday, February 19, 2024

Book Review: The Reinvented Detective. Tales of Futuristic Crimes and Mysteries Beyond Time

Title: The Reinvented Detective
Editors: Cat Rambo; Jennifer Brozek
Genre: Anthology; Mystery; Science Fiction
Publication Date: December 12, 2023
Publisher: Arc Manor

The evolution of crime, punishment, and justice in the future.

What happens when time and technology change the definition of crime and punishment?

Science fiction often focuses on future technology without considering the society housing it. Social norms may change as tech changes — or not. What will criminals, investigators, judges, and juries look like in a complicated future of clones, uploaded intelligences, artificial brains, or body augmentation? What stories emerge when we acknowledge the possibilities of new laws, new police methods, and the birth of sentient Artificial Intelligence, as well as all the ways they can clash or combine?

The Reinvented Detective presents stories that complicate law and order as well as the concept of criminals, detectives, punishment, and justice for all by showing how shifting technology, the rise of sentient AIs, and shifting social attitudes may affect what is not only acceptable, but expected, within both real world and digital communities—and everything in-between. These stories reinvent detective and true crime tropes, recasting them for the 21st century, and above all, experimenting, astonishing, and entertaining.


*I received an advanced digital copy for free and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I love Anthologies but I've never really read one like this. The combination of mystery and science fiction works incredibly well and may now be one of my favorite genre mashes. This mixed with the detective trope made The Reinvented Detective a fun read. I also really enjoyed each story and loved to see each author's interpretation and reinvention of the trope. Now, not every story takes place in a time far away, but some are like our modern society with a little more advanced technology. I find these stories intriguing as I feel like it may be achieved. Of course, with that being said I did like when they really leaned into the science fiction aspect and you see the creativity start to really flow. While I did not have a favorite story there were ones that I wish would be expanded upon or even made into a book series. 

Overall, a very entertaining anthology that I wouldn't mind getting more of. 


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