Friday, March 1, 2024

Book Review: Ex in the City by Portia Macintosh

Title: Ex in the City
Author: Portia Macintosh
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: February 27, 2024
Publisher: Boldwood Books

Nicole Wilde’s life has not panned out how she expected.

Ten years ago when she was living the rock star lifestyle as a music journalist - touring the country, going to gigs and hanging out with celebrities - she never thought she would end up living an uneventful life in suburbia, in a relationship that is well past its sell-by date.

Nicole knows that her days of wild parties and tour buses are over, but yet there is something that keeps drawing her back to her old life. So when rock star Dylan King turns up on her doorstep needing her help to restore his public image, she can’t resist one last trip down memory lane.

But Nicole and Dylan's history is complicated. And when her old life and new life collide, she will soon realise that you can’t run away from your past forever, and sometimes you just have to follow your heart...


*I received a copy of this book digitally for free and am leaving this review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

Do you ever think that a book would be absolutely perfect if not for this one character and their contribution to the plot? Well, that's what I thought, about Ex in the City and the drawn-out plot of Nicole, Rowan, and the mean girls of the PTA. I understand it a little maybe, but it went on for too long and seemed like an unnecessary obstacle to make things complicated for Dylan and Nicole. This is a second-chance romance, that right there is already complicated enough without having to include outside factors. I think Macintosh is a great writer but seems to throw in too much. 

Nicole is a great female lead, she's not an emotional mess, that lets everyone walk all over her like romance books like to portray women as. Dylan is that bad boy cinnamon roll who has gone to rock bottom but has come out on top and wants to show Nicole just how far he's come. Of course, their history complicates everything. There's hesitation to start over and potentially get hurt, and there is also the miscommunication of feelings, so I didn't understand why the drama of everything else.

Overall, fell a little flat but still entertaining. 

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