Thursday, March 28, 2024

Book Review: Kosa by John Durgin

Title: Kosa
Author: John Durgin
Genre: Horror; Retelling; Witches
Publication Date: May 17, 2024
Publisher: DarkLit Press

In a secluded mansion hidden away from the outside world, young Kosa lives under the strict and overpowering rule of her enigmatic mother. For Kosa, the rules set by Mother are the guiding principles of her life, shaping her beliefs and actions. She has been sheltered from the truth about the world beyond the confines of their home, conditioned to fear the darkness and malevolence that supposedly lurks outside.

However, as Kosa grows older, she begins to question the reality she has been presented with. Doubts eat away at her, fueled by a deep-rooted curiosity and a burgeoning sense of independence.

But Kosa possesses a mysterious and powerful ability that Mother desperately needs to sustain her own existence. Mother, a figure shrouded in shadows and secrets, will stop at nothing to ensure that Kosa’s power remains potent and under her control. The sinister grasp that Mother has on Kosa becomes increasingly suffocating as she tightens her grip, isolating Kosa further from the truth that exists beyond their home.

In this dark and captivating tale, Kosa’s journey unravels the intricacies of control, the strength of one’s convictions, and the true nature of the world beyond the shadows. The choices she makes will not only determine her fate but also influence the fate of those around her.



*I received a copy of this book digitally for free and am leaving this review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I may be dumb because when I first read the synopsis I didn't put together that this was a Rapunzel retelling, it was only as I was reading it, that it clicked in my brain. I love Horror fairy tale retellings, I was a big fan of the Grimm fairy tales as a child, and I am always seeking that spine-tingling, bone-chilling feeling I had with those fairy tales. 'Kosa' hits those marks, and more. From the beginning, Durgin hits you with dark tension that weaves and builds leaving you turning the page for more. 

Kosa, the character, is so tragic. There's a lot that happens to her in this book that you can't believe she goes through, so if you are sensitive to certain things like body horror or child abuse you may want to stay away from this. Durgin does an amazing job of making you care about her, and root for her to at least make it out alive. This is a Rapunzel retelling so there is a lot of magical (and horror) stuff involving hair some of which I would have never thought about. 

Overall, a great horror story and a perfect lights-off, late-night read. 

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