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Book Review: A New Doctor at Orchard Cottage Hospital by Lizzie Lane


Title: A New Doctor at Orchard Cottage Hospital
Author: Lizzie Lane
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publication Date: May 23, 2024
Publisher: Boldwood Books

A country town in need of a good Doctor, but will they accept her as one of their own?

Somerset, March 1930
Born in the workhouse and adopted by a former suffragette, Frances Brakespeare was encouraged from an early age to be strong, independent and to pursue a career as a doctor. The tragic loss of the love of her life in the Great War propels Frances to commit to her one true vocation.

Rebelling against the unfair treatment of female doctors Frances is dismissed from her London post and things continue to take a turn for the worse when Izzy, her benefactress dies and Frances finds herself homeless.

With no employment or roof over her head her future seems uncertain until she’s offered a residency at the Orchard Cottage Hospital in Norton Dene, Somerset. a town where quarrying and coal mining scar the land.

It’s a far cry from London and towns narrow minds are not so welcoming of a young, female Doctor, but she’s determined to win through.

At first sight the town seems quaintly old fashioned, a place where nothing much happens but there are secrets and sins bubbling beneath the surface plus a mystery she's determined to solve.


*I received a copy of this book digitally for free and am leaving this review voluntarily*

Hello Fellow Readers,

I love strong female characters and Lizzie Lane's newest series is fill to the brim with them. The main character Francis will not let sexism and misogyny get in the way of her morals or keep her from being a doctor. After standing up for herself Frances loses her job at a hospital in London. To avoid homelessness and poverty she accepts residency at a small cottage hospital. Of course, not everyone is happy about her new position.

 Honestly, there were so many great characters it was hard to choose who I liked the best. They were all unique, but still strong in their own ways. I do know who I absolutely disliked with a burning hot passion, I won't spoil it but if you read the book you will know exactly whom I am talking about. I love how Lane portrays her characters, even the villains, they are all just so complex and will have you turning the page to get more. The ending did feel rushed to me, I felt like it messed with the pacing of the book.

Overall, a strong start to, hopefully, a strong series. 

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