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Oasis The Last Human; Dima Zales

Hello Fellow Readers,

Although I did not think I will complete my end of the year book goal, it did not stop me from reading more than I normally do this year.

Oasis is the first book of the The Last Humans Trilogy

Oasis Synopsis

Title: Oasis (The Last Humans Book #1)
Author: Dima Zales
Genre: Science FictionDystopiaYoung Adult
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2015
My name is Theo, and I’m a resident of Oasis, the last habitable area on Earth. It’s meant to be a paradise, a place where we are all content. Vulgarity, violence, insanity, and other ills are but a distant memory, and even death no longer plagues us.
I was once content too, but now I’m different. Now I hear a voice in my head, and she tells me things no imaginary friend should know. Her name is Phoe, and she is my delusion.
Or is she?


Hello Fellow Readers,

So far being a YA genre book, it has a bit of swearing in it, in fact the first three words are ‘Fuck. Vagina. Shit.’ which is a bit explicit, however I do not believe this takes away from the story. Some would actually argue that the swearing is necessary. I didn’t care either way being a full grown adult who uses those words, however I can see how a parent wouldn’t like for their teenager to read it. After the words we are immediately introduced to Theo the main character and Phoe (Pronounced Fee) his maybe imaginary friend.

I felt lost in the beginning of the book as I wasn’t aware of all the details surrounding Oasis (where they live). The author Zales quickly remedies this by having Phoe and Theo interact and fill in the gaps of what the reader is missing.

My Favorite this about this book was the seemingly nonstop action, I’m surprised how much Theo did in a single day and I was never bored when reading which is always a good thing. My least favorite thing was actually the character Phoe. She just annoyed me, I’m not sure how Theo put up with her all the time, my annoyance didn’t deter me from the book at all. The ending was a little lackluster but the small twist at the end I really didn’t see coming, so congrats to Zales for keeping that a well kept twist.

Favorite Quotes

Back in the day, when it was not forbidden to be mentally ill, I imagine it made people around you uncomfortable if you spoke to your imaginary friend out loud.’

‘What is a human mind, if not a thinking machine?’

Overall this book was great and I cannot wait to read the second installment Limbo.

About The Author

 Dima Zales is a full-time science fiction and fantasy author residing in Palm Coast, Florida. Prior to becoming a writer, he worked in the software development industry in New York as both a programmer and an executive. From high-frequency trading software for big banks to mobile apps for popular magazines, Dima has done it all. In 2013, he left the software industry in order to concentrate on his writing career.

If you would like to check out the book and purchase if yourself you can do that HERE

Be sure to also check out Dima Zales Website to find out more about the author and his other books HERE

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