Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monster Hunting 101; Richard Bamberg

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I am trying to post every day, and I have not failed yet YAY! I read so many books that I tend to have a lot I still need to write reviews for. I started reading Monster Hunting 101 because it sounded interesting and the world of supernatural always intrigues me

Book Synopsis

Title: The Hunters: Monster Hunting 101
Author: Richard A. Bamberg
Genre: Supernatural; Fantasy; Horror 
Published: November 29th, 2015

When Jesse's old girlfriend calls him requesting an immediate meeting late at night, he thinks of a lot of reasons she might have called. None of them are anywhere near the truth. Instead of a late night booty call, Gail brings him into a world he didn't know existed, ghouls, werewolves, and ghosts and they all seem to be after Jesse's blood. Gail wants Jesse to put a silver bullet in her heart to keep her from becoming the monster she hunts, but there's no way Jesse is going to kill the girl he once loved. He convinces her to let him restrain her for the full moon. Luckily, a local Adult Intimacies store has all the bondage gear he needs.
Now he just has to fight off a pack of werewolves single-handedly while keeping her from ripping his own throat out.
Sex, guns, and werewolves, what could go wrong?


Can I just say that Jesse got dealt a crappy hand? He gets a call from Gail, a girl whom he spends High school pretty much in love with, He thinks she may want to have a little fun (after he helps her with a small problem) and he can go back to school and finish studying for his exam. He gets way more than he bargains for fighting ghouls, learning about hunters, Gail getting bit by a werewolf. It’s a bit too much for Jesse.

I liked this book, the action starts right from the beginning. I really like how Bamberg wrote Jesse and while I think he took everything a bit well (I would have freaked out way more) I still like him. It’s pretty believable for a book about the supernatural. Gail was just okay, more of a ‘shoot first than get details later’ which sometimes bothers me, but I didn’t hate her so that’s a point in her direction.
One thing I loved about the book is that I wasn’t bored. Bamberg did a great job in creating his world and making sure the action was there throughout the entire book.

About The Author

Richard Bamberg was born in Alabama, to middle-class working parents. After high school, he enlisted in the USAF. He earned a degree in engineering from Texas Tech and went on to work for Boeing and the Missile Defense Agency. He sold his first novel, Emerald Eyes, to Books in Motion in 1994. Since then he's published nine novels and numerous short stories

You  Can view Bamberg's Goodreads page HERE, you can also purchase the book HERE

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