Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This book is not for the bashful… Princess Dracula; John Patrick Kennedy

All power comes at a price…
Ruxandra learned everything she knows while growing up in a convent. Training to be the perfect nobleman’s wife, she relishes the prospect of a simple life. But everything changes when her father, Vlad Dracula, retrieves her on her eighteenth birthday. Securing her a marriage is the last thing he has in mind…
After he performs a mysterious ritual over her, Ruxandra gains uncontrollable supernatural powers. Alone, terrified, and faced with an unknown future, she is left to forge a new life for herself. There’s only one thing she knows: if she doesn’t learn to control her unnatural instincts, she’ll destroy every last shred of her humanity.

Title: Princess Dracula
Author John Patrick Kennedy
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Published: January 17th, 2017


Hello My Fellow Readers,

The synopsis and the gorgeous cover is what made me start reading this book, but oh how I really wanted to love it. I wanted Ruxandra to be bad-ass while at the same time find out who she is. While Ruxandra is bad-ass with her new supernatural powers I felt like she never did learn if she should continue trying to embrace her humanity or if she lets her power control her.

Honestly I felt like I read one giant PWP.

I don’t mind sex scenes. I am a adult if I want to read about two (maybe more) people getting it on I am not going to shy away from that, this book however found needless ways to include sex. Honestly sometimes the sexual situations got me bored and I just wanted them to get to the story.

The story was not noteworthy. I found it predictable and yawn worthy. I know what the story was suppose to be, but I felt like Kennedy failed to deliver which was a huge disappointment. It was not until the very end that something actually caught my attention enough to be noteworthy but it looks like that story won’t be told until the second book, which just makes this book a huge tease! It’s almost as if the author had no real plot but then had a spark of an idea but realized that he hit his word limit.

Ruxandra has so much potential to be a character who could really be lovable. With her uncontrollable badass powers but her desire not to harm anyone could be for some amazing character development and conflict, but it just didn’t happen in Princess Dracula maybe the second book is better or maybe I am just being too harsh. Kennedy is able to beautifully describe some of the gore and death scenes in this book so he’s not a bad writer in any sense. I just don’t know.

About The Author

John Patrick Kennedy is a Adventurous man who has traveled to Japan, Denali and the Amazon. He currently splits his home between Los Angeles and London. He is married with a Daughter and German Shepard. When he’s not writing he plays tennis, ballroom dancing and loves to cook, but writing will always be the one passion he can’t stop.




  1. Aw, sorry you didn't enjoy it more. You're right the cover is gorgeous and it sounds interesting.

  2. That cover is so cool! Though I will be passing on this book as I'm not a fan of PWP.
    Great review!

    Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader