Monday, May 8, 2017

I’d never work there. Dream Job Wacky Adventures of a HR manager; Janet Garber

‘Single sexless Melanie Kohl's trying to keep it all together at Axis Mundi Medical Center in NYC where misbehaving doctors and immoral staff line up outside her HR office for solace and solutions. Hey, she's got her own problems! Where is her life? Just as she's starting to melt down . . .
Join Melie for a wild ride through a landscape dotted with comical mishaps, murder, and romance. Will she learn to balance work and life? Have you?’

Title: Dream Job
Author: Janet Garber
Genre: Comtemporary Fiction
Published: March 16th, 2016


Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s weird reading a book and from the first page you know that the main character is going to either have a meltdown or go insane, you were just counting down the seconds until when. That was this book. I don’t understand how Melie could live the life she was living and not have seen this was incredibly unhealthy sooner. I felt like my mental state was in jeopardy reading this book. I kept wondering if this was suppose to be comedic or  sad. I however felt nothing. The entire time I read this book I felt nothing.

Not one single character or event did I have my emotions come anywhere near the surface. Even the most of hated books I have always felt something for, yet I did not feel anything here.  Even when one of the characters died, I still didn’t care. Even with the ending and how it went I was just like ‘Meh… The book is over’. I was able to immediately put the book down and reach for another. My thoughts were just blank, my book journal hardly has anything written in it for this book.

That is the only time my emotions came out. I was sad, I felt like I wasted a page.

About the Author

Janet Garber currently lives in Brooklyn and has just recently written her First Full novel Dream Job, wacky adventures of a HR manager. She also writes poetry and short stories. Before settling down to write full time she worked in Human resources herself and in her spare time was a freelance writer for



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  1. Sorry to hear it, I hate when that happens. Think we've all been there where we're just not feeling the emotion or connecting with the paper people chemistry. It can really sour the book experience.